Synaesthetical metaphor

It takes no more than to examine any vocal or instrumental class to see how synesthetic metaphor is sometimes the best (or only) ally to lead the student toward the expressiveness of music and technical excellence. Also, the musician's mnemonic tecniques interlace hearing, visual and muscular memory with the abstract (and photographic) reports of the musical text. It is the usual textual comparison with a stimulus, sound, graphic or purely emotional, as a trigger for instrumental improvisation. And while a sharp synesthetic experience is strictly personal, the evolution of culture is built around a shared body of synesthesia. The power of communication is essentially half as asemmantic as music, the universal language, yes, but with numerous languages and dialects based on sort of similar vocabularies that allow the listener to interpret the emotional message. The cliché is perhaps the most visible precipitate collective perception of that, and the task of the composer may therefore lie in the use of those which are clearly recognizable, or land more or less remote from these areas of communal communication.

The appearance of general interest in synaesthesia in recent decades is no stranger to the paradigm shift that brings our brand new digital world. The ability to represent heterogeneous sources such as text, data, images or sounds in a single primary source is leading us to think otherwise about artwork. The code itself and its interactions are in sight as possible with aesthetic value in of themselves. The concept of visual music, which lends ist name to the call MuVi2, walks along this path and to rethink what can be music, or perhaps recover the definition of Musica, within the Greco-sciencie of proportions, is no more. Developping the dynamic image musically implies visual elements such as temporal discourse, form, content based relations... The interaction between vision and hearing in the audiovisual language, the real language of the younger generation, supports many different treatments that the musician wants to currently and accurately know.

The convocation MuVi2 is offering an interesting range of approaches for those interested in this new area of creation, which not in vain has come into the curricula of art schools and conservatories with the determination of the obvious and with the calling to go the whole distance.

J. López-Montes, 2009
Transl.: Cibele Bustamante da Costa

Text published in the catalogue MuVi2, International exhibition of video and moving image on synesthesia and visual music.

© Ed. Fundación Internacional Artecittà 2009
ISBN 978-613-0290-1


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